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We offer in house tubular/drill pipe & other types of NDT Inspection, as well as mobile NDT Inspection.

Services available include:

  • API/DS1 Inspection for BHA and Drill Pipe CAT 1-5 Certified

  • VT

  • MT

  • PT

  • UT

  • Mobile EMI

  • ID & OD clean/rattling machine

  • In-house and mobile ID wash/clean for ID coated pipe

  • Magnetic Particles & Ultrasonic Testing Weld Inspections

  • mobile & in-house Pipe Straightener

  • In house drill pipe & tool joint Hardbanding.

  • Hardbanding Cutouts, Rebuilds, and upset air wash repair.

  • Ultrasonic Testing wall thickness inspections

  • Rig handling tool inspection

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