We have multiple types of CNC mills with automatic tool changers, allowing us to complete complex jobs quickly and accurately, operated by machinists with decades of experience.


We are a versatile machine shop capable of one piece jobs or large production runs, with quick turn around times!

Our CNC machines produce complex, high-quality parts, at a competitive price. Our manual lathes allow us to complete one piece jobs quickly, without setup time that would be involved in using a CNC machine, saving you time and money!


Our CNC stamping machine enables us to stamp lettering from 1/8" to 2" quickly and accurately. This makes it easy to add a part number, PO#, Print#, or other needed information to your parts, neatly and cost-effectively.


Our CNC Burning machine is extremely accurate. It can burn plate as thick as 8" and as large as 8' X 10'. Using it in conjunction with our other services saves you time and money!