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 Fairmont Tool provides a major repair service on badly damaged tubular/drill pipe that is second to none! This process involves removing badly damaged or improperly applied Hardband, rebuilding the tool joint, and remachining the affected area of the tool joint, including the 18° upset as needed.

 Part of these processes involves pre-heating and post-welding slow cooling which is all performed under-roof out of direct weather!

 Fairmont Tool's Hardband applicators are certified to apply Armacor MstarB & postal industries Tuffband NC & Duraband NC Hardbanding wires. For more info on these, scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

 All of our Hardbanding is post-weld inspected by a qualified weld inspector to ensure the quality of a job well done.

 All of this in the effort to extend the life of your drill pipe, saving you time and money! Visit our Licenses, Certifications, and Awards page to see our different licenses and Hardbanding Certification.


1. Duraband NC - Application is a casing friendly tool steel, abrasive wear-resistant alloy with a non-cracking application that can be applied over most worn applications

2. Tuff Band NC - Application is casing friendly and can be applied to most types of existing Hardband applications. Unlike most applications to apply Tuff Band NC it is not necessary to remove the existing Hardband application making this a cost-effective solution Tungsten Carbide pellets can be added to Tuffband NC to create the ultimate wear resistance for the drill string in the open hole

3. Armacor MstarB - Application is a chromium-based-flux core wire used to reduce casing wear: This alloy should be applied on ew tool joints or over the existing Armacor M coating.

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